• Ethically made and beautifully crafted by women in the Middle East

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A story told in every piece.

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"This feels like the beginning of a new life."

Ahlam, a macrame artist

"These are really visually satisfying, practically useful pieces of artwork that provide a livelihood for ladies across the globe. How cool to feather our nests with things that bring hope and inspire perseverance to those who are trying to find ways to care for themselves and their families."

- Daryl R.

“I'm surprised at how soft they feel and how substantial they are. Beautiful handiwork.”

- a happy customer

Send an artist a thank you note.

Our artists would be so encouraged if you would take the time to tell them that the product you bought has added beauty and hope to your life.

It's a Two-Way Street

The artists are only half the picture. The advocates are the other half. Art of Hoping sells most of its product in the U.S. through people like you, people who are passionate about making way for dreams and telling good stories. Learn how you can become an advocate below.

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