Hello, my name is Amani. My family consists of 15 members and we all live together. My dream is to continue my education and become like one of my mentors in Art of Hoping, because she is the best person I ever met in my life. She is someone who is responsible, loving to everyone, and different from them all.

The best thing I have done in my life is that I learned how to do crafts with Art of Hoping, and now I train other women how to do their own crafts. I am happy because I achieved this big accomplishment. And I am even more happy about the fact that some women who get the chance to see my work and the work of other members from the team, they come to have hope in life and become sure that everything will be fine, no matter how big the problems might become.

I also help mom with the big expenses of our house from the money I make. The thing that saddens me up until now is that I still don't know any small detail about my dad who has been missing for 9 years.