My name is Hanan, I am 18 years old. I live with my mom and my 3 brothers. They have had to stop their education but I have been able to continue. Thank God my mom works and my oldest brother traveled but still didn't settle (hope he reaches a safe place). My youngest brother recently started working and thank God I study and work with Art of Hoping. Finally my brother is in grade 8. I hope God will grant me success, and opens the way before me to complete my education. I always pray and ask God for success and continuation and I always want to be how my family would want me to be.

I love the English language and it's like a hobby for me. My family's financial situation isn't very good, and we passed through a lot of hardships in the last 15 years of war. It wasn't easy but we are determined towards our goals which are: education, work, accomplishing of dreams, love life, having joyful spirit, etc..

My dad passed away and this is difficult, may God have mercy on him, and may He let his resting place be heaven.