Our Story

Art has long been a place where people have found courage to express grief without words. And this idea brought us together with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, drinking tea and making art and telling stories. One day, instead of paints and markers, we used rope. And that’s how the macramé products were born.

The artists quickly started dreaming up their own products, and their home is abuzz with measuring and cutting and weaving. Along with an above-market wage for the women, we desire to create a community that heals through listening, and stirs the imagination for what could be. A place where we can be creative, express grief and joy and start hoping in the future again. We cultivate this kind of community through resilience training, story-telling, teaching and practicing listening skills. 

Our hope is that wherever these pieces land in your home, they will also bring newness and hope and a fresh sense of your place of belonging in the world. Thank you for purchasing from us.

If you would like to contribute towards our goal of holistic care for conflict-affected and displaced communities, please donate here.